The Pie Cutting of St’ Nicholas Business Club

On January 26, 2024, a grand event took place at the premises of the iconic ‘St’ Nicholas Business Club’ with more than 140 guests, marking the beginning of the new year with the cutting of the St’ Nicholas Business Club’s traditional New Year’s cake.

During the event, which was accompanied by live music, a raffle of 77 major prizes was organized, with a total value exceeding €27,000. The lavish prizes drawn for the lucky participants included trips abroad, stays in five-star hotels, art paintings, technological gadgets, gift vouchers for luxury prêt-a-porter clothing, non-invasive plastic surgery treatments, among many others.

The highlight of this splendid evening was the dazzling fireworks, which accompanied the speech of the beloved Founder and President of the St’ Nicholas Business Club, Mr. Dimitrios Matthaiou, enchanting the guests with their spectacular display.

During his speech, the Founder and President of the St’ Nicholas Business Club, Mr. Dimitrios Matthaiou, mentioned, “Our work, our commitment to entrepreneurship, shipping, and philanthropy, constitutes the core of our existence. As members and supporters of this wonderful business club, we will remain dedicated to fostering solidarity, love, ethics, collaboration, support, faith, philanthropy, and respect. Virtues that serve as extraordinary symbols among our members and in our collective journey with a unique orientation towards Contribution and Leadership, social, familial, and individual excellence.”

In conclusion, addressing the guests, the Founder and President made a toast, stating, “With my glass full of champagne, let us make a toast to the success, health, and happiness of us all. For a year filled with love, unity, and solidarity. For the continuation of our outstanding work and for the new opportunities awaiting us. And finally, a toast to the renewed commitment to our values, which this club represents. Cheers to our health, to our prosperity, and to our bright future! Happy New Year to all!”

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