Press Release St’ Nicholas Business Club Inauguration Party

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On Sunday, September 24, 2023, the long-awaited new business club “St’ Nicholas Business Club” opened its doors to more than 230 guests and celebrated the commencement of its operations with great festivity.

This grand event was attended by senators, members of parliament, distinguished representatives from the fields of Shipping, Medicine, Politics, Academic community, Tourism, Technology, and the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) from all over Greece, as well as many members from the broader business world.

Honorary guests at the event included U.S. Senator Mr. Lou Raptakis, the President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mrs. Sophia Efraimoglou, as well as the Governor of AHEPA Hellas, Mr. Christos Karapiperis, and the Supreme Governor of AHEPA Europe, Mr. Vasilis Petkidis. They marked the commencement of St’ Nicholas Business Club by cutting the ribbon at the inauguration ceremony, along with the President and Founder of the club, Mr. Dimitris Matthaiou. 

During the event, speeches were delivered by the aforementioned honorary guests and the President and Founder of the business club, Mr. Dimitrios Matthaiou, who stated: “It is crucial to proceed both professionally and personally with dignity, honesty, and contribution. Let’s embark on a significant journey, leaving imprints of timeless values and principles on Earth and in the history of humanity. And it is even more important to be generous! Because true laurels in our actions are placed by the hearts of others. Let’s make this club a beacon for entrepreneurship, shipping, philanthropy, and Greek heritage. May this club bring the change, hope, and excellence that we all desire.”

After the speeches, the highlight of the event was the dazzling fireworks that illuminated the sky, creating a magical and radiant atmosphere.

Subsequently, a cocktail party followed, during which guests had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the spirit of the new business club, network, and exchange ideas.

St’ Nicholas Business Club was created with the aim of being a space for meetings and collaboration, as well as for social and philanthropic activities, for entrepreneurs, professionals, and experts from the Maritime, Medical, and the broader business world, as well as members of the Political and Academic communities.

Mr. Matthaiou, as the President and Founder of the prestigious St’ Nicholas Business Club, warmly thanked the benefactors, sponsors, and founding members of the club, as well as the attendees of the inauguration event for their participation. He committed to continue providing opportunities for networking, collaboration, and development for the members of the new business club, as well as to create a strong philanthropic and social impact.

The light that guides us will become the beacon for good deeds, teamwork, courtesy, generosity, contribution, and love. This is, after all, our main mission. Together, let us succeed in creating a world that is good, just, and filled with love!


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