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    I hereby wish to join as new member into the St' Nicholas Business Club

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    1. With my present application and having become aware of the current institutional framework for the storage and processing of personal data, I declare responsibly the following:

    a. I expressly agree and grant my consent to the legal processing of the above data, in accordance with 4624/19 and EU Regulation 2016-679 (GDPR) and only for the following reasons:
    (1) Keeping statistics of its members of Maritime Club
    (2) Completion of the Register of Members of Maritime Club.
    (3) Informing the Maritime Club and cross-referencing data in the context of actions required for member assistance, in the context of those defined in article 30C, par. 12 of law 1264/82.

    b. I do not allow:
    (1) The keeping or processing of my above personal data for reasons other than the above, without my prior written notice in the context of my declaration of consent or disagreement.
    (2) The disclosure or transmission of the above data to anyone other than the Maritime Club and this only for the reasons provided by the relevant legislation and the statute of the Maritime Club.

    d. I know that I am obliged to inform the above Association as soon as possible and by the most appropriate means in the event that there is a change in my information.

    e. I unreservedly accept the written or oral communication and information on behalf of the Maritime club to the contact details that I have stated, and especially for any document that concerns me, that it is notified to me by e-mail.

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