Bilston College UK offers a 5 day Mini MBA Training Program to 10 members of St’ Nicholas Business Club

Bilston College UK offers a 5 day Mini MBA Training Program to 10 members of St' Nicholas Business Club


April 5, 2024    
18:00 - 18:30


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We would like to announce that, Bilston College UK is kindly offering a complimentary 5-day Mini MBA training program to 10 members of  St’ Nicholas Business Club.

This Mini MBA program aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in leadership roles within the maritime industry.

For your information, this is a BCU UK TRUST and Kamsaris Foundation donation, and the total cost exceeds the amount of 50.000 pounds. (5.000 pounds each).

Since the training program will be in English, members must speak English fluently.

Please note that the 5-day training program will be divided into 4-hour classes and will take place at the prestigious St’ Nicholas Business Club in the conference room “DNV Hellas”.

For your convenience, we present the schedule for the 5-day training program.

  1. Monday, April 8, 18:00-22:00: Business Management, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
  2. Tuesday, April 9, 18:00-22:00: Strategic Management, Planning, and Decision Making
  3. Thursday, April 11, 18:00-22:00: Human Resource Management, Leadership, and Team Management
  4. Friday, April 12, 18:00-22:00: International Business and Cross-Cultural Management
  5. Monday, April 15, 18:00-22:00: Personal Development, Communication, and Presentation Skills

Furthermore, the official award ceremony of the Mini MBAs will take place at a special event at St. Nicholas Business Club on April 26th.

We kindly request all interested members to declare their participation, no later than April 5th.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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