Exclusive Evening at St. Nicholas Business Club: Celebrating “Our Ocean Conference Athens 2024” with Blue Marine Foundation

We are pleased to announce that the Blue Marine Foundation and Dr. Maria Athina Papathanasiou, a distinguished member of our business club, hosted a special event with evening drinks and a private viewing of the  “Our Ocean Conference Athens 2024” at the St’ Nicholas Business Club, attended by over 150 guests.

During the event, speeches were given by representatives of the Blue Marine Foundation, and there was a photo exhibition with a nautical theme by the renowned artist, Ms. Olympia von Woellwarth-Lauterburg.

It is also worth noting that guests enjoyed a lavish buffet with finger food and drinks, as well as the fine wine of the St’ Nicholas Business Club, in a convivial environment.

This special event provided an ideal opportunity for guests to network and establish business opportunities.

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