Artificial Intelligence AI in Shipping: Introduction & Ethics

On Wednesday, November 1st, the new business club “St’ Nicholas Business Club” officially opened its doors to more than 80 guests and organized the first lecture on the topic “Artificial Intelligence AI in Shipping – Introduction & Ethics.”

The speaker of the lecture was the distinguished member of the St’ Nicholas Business Club, Mr. Ioannis Patiniotis, who provided a brief introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and then explored the ethical issues arising from its use, with a focus on the maritime industry.

Following the lecture, a cocktail party took place in the bar area of our prestigious club, during which guests had the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions about the lecture, as well as to network.

Mr. Matthaiou, as the President and Founder of the prestigious St’ Nicholas Business Club, warmly thanked Mr. Patiniotis for the insightful and significant lecture, which undoubtedly marked the best way to launch the operation of the grand “St’ Nicholas Business Club.” He also expressed gratitude to the attendees for their participation and committed to continue providing opportunities for networking, collaboration, and development for the members of the new business club, as well as to leave a strong philanthropic and social impact.

The “St’ Nicholas Business Club” was created with the aim of being a space for meetings and collaboration, as well as for social and philanthropic actions, for entrepreneurs, professionals, and experts from the Maritime, Technological, Medical, and broader business world, as well as members of the Political and Academic communities.

The light that guides us will become the beacon for good deeds, teamwork, generosity, contribution, and love. This is, after all, our main mission. Together, let us succeed in creating a world that is good, just, and filled with love!

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